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Chapter Stock Imagery Bank (80+ images available)

Chapter stock imagery can be utilized for event fliers, course promotion, or any other marketing pieces you create for your chapter. These photos are organized into five folders: buildings, events, classroom/courses, golf and pin/pinning.

General (13+ templates available)

Under the "General Templates" folder you will find templates such as designation promotion, networking events, scholarships, event, member directory templates, and more.

Canva Pro | Graphic Design Platform


CCIM Institute is proud to support Canva Pro, a turn-key graphic design resource for all chapters. Whether you're building flyers, designing visuals for social media and email marketing, or need to create something unique for that annual chapter event, Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design platform for non-designers. CCIM staff has already added a wide variety of CCIM-branded templates that were co-created with chapters and will continue to add new templates throughout the year. Canva Pro is free to chapters and accounts are set-up on a request basis.


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Education/Virtual Course Promotion (15+ templates available)

All CI 101-104, Foundations for Success in CRE, and CRE Negotiations course templates can be found under the "Education Templates" folder. 

Additionally available are templates for virtual courses being offered by the Institute to your local chapters during these unprecedented times. Included are social media, email, and PDF templates options for the core courses being offered virtually. 

Email Headers (20+ templates and images)

Use any of these email headers to add CCIM branded imagery to your email's header. Header templates and images are found in the "Photos: Email Headers" folder.

Chapter Branded Zoom Backgrounds (9+ backgrounds available)

More than nine CCIM Institute branded virtual backgrounds have been created for your chapter to personalize and use. From minimal architectural backgrounds, to office setups, to backgrounds that allow you to feature your sponsors. You can find these in the "Zoom Backgrounds" folder.

COVID-19 Resources Page Promotion

Templates promoting the Institute's COVID-19 Resources and Guidance page, featuring all current necessary COVID-19 information and other insights to help CRE professionals weather this storm and prepare for the future. You can find these in the "COVID 19 Programs and Events" folder.

Once your chapter's Canva Pro account is created, you can access all of the below templates and resources by logging into your Canva account and locating them on bottom left side of the page under "CCIM Institute's Team".



Cancellation and Rescheduled Courses & Events

These templates are for any events or courses your chapter has had to cancel or reschedule to a later date. You can find these in the "Cancellation Templates" folder.

Social Media Templates (10+ templates available)

Available in the "Social Media Templates" folder are a handful of general social media templates including course promotion, member recognition, event promotion, header images, and more. 

Scholarship Recognition

Want to promote your recently awarded scholarship award winners? You can find these in the "Scholarship Templates" folder.

Sponsorship & Membership Brochure Templates

Located in the "Chapter Brochure Templates" folder you will find these contemporary and visually attractive template brochures to help you improve your sales pitch to potential members and sponsors.